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Acquire the finest tinting skill set in UAE and enjoy improved comfort and safety while you drive. Our premium-grade car tinting services ensure compliance with local laws and regulations and are the best approach to making your vehicle look and remain more upscale. You can get premium car tinting services from us on a budget.

Car Window Tinting Dubai

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We Provide Premium Automotive Window Tinting in Dubai

Now you can give a brand-new and elegant look to your vehicle’s windows with our remarkable 3M car window tinting services in Dubai. If you want to make your car appear classy and give it a high-profile look, just come to us and get your car tinted with any type of window tint that is suitable for your car’s interior and budget needs. Our skillful technicians with excellent workmanship will offer the best installation of tints on the windows of your car. Our team is a master in automobile glass servicing due to their extensive experience of many years.

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Benefits Of Our 3M Car Tinting In Dubai

As per UAE’s laws regarding window tinting, 70% Visible Light Transmission (VLT) is allowed for the front windshield, whereas the front side windows can have up to 50% VLT. As for the rear windows and windshield, 30% VLT is allowed. Getting the windows of your car tinted by us will give you various advantages.

  • Comfortable: It will increase the comfort of your driving experience because of the glare reduction on the car screen.
  • UV Protection: Tinting your car is the best solution to preserve the luxurious upholstery from UV rays.
  • Cool Interior: The heat-blocking feature will give you a relatively cool atmosphere inside your vehicle.
  • Safety & Privacy: Applying our car tints will add a safety measure by keeping your windscreen intact in case of a stone hit or accident.

Types of Car Tinting We are Offering

Dyed Window Tinting

These tints are known for making your windows darker. It gives your car interior a comfortable feel with proper heat and glare reduction.

Ceramic Window Tinting

We provide expert ceramic car tinting in Dubai at affordable rates. This is considered the best tint for its appealing look and amazing features.

Metalized Window Tinting

Our metalized car tinting will make your windows work as a barrier to UV rays. These tint films ensure the long life of your car interior.

Carbon Window Tinting

Our modern carbon tints look trendy in matte appearance for a classic exterior look. The tint of these films does not fade with intense sun rays.

Hybrid Window Tinting

This tint type combines dyed and metallic to combine the features of both tints. It will enhance the functionality and look..

Crystalline Car Tinting

This is one of the modern window tinting solutions for luxury cars. It gives a very aesthetic look to the car’s exterior.

We Are The Professional Car Window Tinting Providers in Dubai

We are the top mechanics in the area for allowing customers to customize their cars’ windows with the best car tinting films in Dubai to make them more secure and opulent-looking. You can approach us for custom car window tinting services in the UAE. We install the tint that you choose for your car and also make sure to clean the window surface before the application. With our company, you will enjoy multiple additional services as well.

High-Quality Materials
All of our tints or tools and adhesives are advanced and of the best quality.

Long-Term Investment
We expertly fix the tint on the windows that remains there for the longest time spans.

Why Should You Prefer Us For Car Window Tinting Dubai?

Fixit Auto Glass is the top-notch and highly affordable auto glass tinting shop in Dubai giving practical solutions to enhance the look of your car. For better efficiency, improved outlook, and comfortable car interior, prefer our car window tinting Dubai services and get the best-ever ride experience. For car tinting near me, we are the most preferred option for you with all the best services. Now you can get the utmost UV protection by our window tinting for cars in Dubai at the lowest possible rates, that too, while staying at your homes.

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Car Window Tinting Dubai

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General Frequently Asked Questions

Our car tints are available in darker and lighter shades. You can opt for darker shades to reduce the heat inside your car. Our specialized heat-blocking window tints block the heat and UV rays, making your car interior cool and comfortable.

At Fixit Auto Glass Shop, we offer all types of window tints for all car makes and models. Some demanding tints include dyed, metallic, crystalline, carbon, 3M tint, and ceramic tints. You can take suggestions from our car experts about the right tint according to your needs.

Rolling down your car windows right after the tint installation is not suggested. You will receive proper guidelines and instructions about the waiting time to roll your windows. It will help the tint film to stick firmly to your car windows. 

3M car window tinting is one of the most demanding tint films to apply on auto windows. We provide top-quality 3M tinting for all cars at affordable rates. This tinting provides a shiny appearance and useful features to glass windows. They don’t let sun rays pass through your windows, thus protecting your luxurious interior.

Car tinting may cost around 500 to 1500 AED for an average sedan. The price range can differ according to the car model and the chosen tint film. In addition, SUV glass tinting may cost around 2000 to 3000 AED. You can get the price estimation by calling us.