Repairing Vs. Replacing Your Windscreen: Which Is the Better Option?

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Which is the right option for your vehicle’s windscreen, repair or replacement? This is the most usual query inquired by automobile owners. In this instructive guide, Fixit Autoglass has answered this common query to help you maintain your vehicle the best way.

We have talked about various factors including visibility, safety, type, dimension, and location of damage for a comfortable driving experience. Furthermore, we have also mentioned the pros and cons of both glass repair and replacement for cost-effective windshield solutions.

Can My Damaged Windscreen Be Repaired?

Can My Damaged Windscreen Be Repaired

To finalize, whether a damaged/chipped windscreen should be repaired or not, You need to take multiple factors into account including the location, size, depth, and severity of damage. By evaluating all these vital factors, you can have a perfect windshield damage assessment. In addition, you should also take safety and glass visibility into account.

  • Location
  • Depth
  • Dimensions
  • Safety & Visibility

1- Location

If the crack or chip is near the window frame or edges, you should get a glass replacement. Because it can spread rapidly due to jerks and vibrations and damage the whole window. However, if you find any chip at the center or near the central area, you can repair it by getting professional assistance.

2- Depth

Another major aspect to consider is the depth of the windshield crack. The auto glass is fabricated with a laminated sheet that is composed of a plastic layer sandwiched between the two glass layers. If the crack reaches the plastic layer or damages the inner glass layer, it can’t be repaired. On the other hand, damage to the external glass side can be repaired.

3- Dimensions

While taking the perfect approach to window glass treatment, you should also analyze the diameter and length of the crack. A crack can be repaired effectively by applying proper techniques if it is up to 1 inch in diameter or 12-14 inches in length. In case of more dimensions rather than these values, you should go for replacement instead of repair.

4- Safety & Visibility

Safety and visibility are the most important concerns while treating any car windscreen repair. A professional always considers both these factors to ensure a safe and easy drive. You can fix a cracked windshield if it doesn’t affect the visibility and structural integrity of your vehicle. A structurally or visibility-compromised auto glass can ultimately affect your safety.

Windshield Replacement

Windshield Replacement

Replacing the windshield has both pros and cons:


  • Cost-effective Autoglass Treatment
  • Time & Effort Savings
  • Maximum Safety & Visibility


  • Need Of Professional Assistance
  • Depreciation Cost

Windshield Chip Repair

Windshield Chip Repair


  • No Depreciation Cost
  • Insurance Coverage


  • Requires Precise Skills
  • Safety Issues

Wrapping Up!

Repairing or replacing damaged windscreen glass is necessary for maximum safety and visibility. But most car owners don’t come up with the perfect solution for their chipped/damaged car due to a lack of knowledge and experience. Fixit Autoglass has enlisted some factors that should be evaluated before going for repair or replacement. If you’re still facing difficulty in deciding which option is best for your vehicle, seek a professional’s assistance promptly.

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