How To Protect Your Vehicle From Sun Damage

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The key to making the most out of a vehicle and ultimately from one’s investment is to take great care of it, as much as possible. And a part of this maintenance is keeping the vehicle safe from damages and influential factors. Speaking of damages, one of the most common factors a car has to endure is the notorious sunlight which can lead to a lot of adversity, if not addressed timely. 

That’s exactly what we shall be educating you about today at Fixit Auto Glass, i.e. how to keep sun damage away from your vehicle. This all-inclusive info will be beneficial for both existing vehicle owners and for those who plan on purchasing new cars any time soon. Of course, you’d want to benefit maximally from your dearest car!

Vehicle From Sun Damage
Vehicle From Sun Damage

Keeping Sun Damage At Bay From Vehicles | Useful Tips And Tricks

Up ahead, is a handful of advice with which you can ensure the most comfortable driving experience for yourselves and also preserve the beauty as well as structural integrity of your vehicles. 

Careful Parking

Of course, the most obvious yet most overlooked approach to protection from sun damage is to park your car as strategically as you can, particularly during hot weather. If you cannot find any garages or carports nearby, consider parking your car under trees to minimize UV impact. 

This is particularly important if you need to park your car for longer periods of time, as the heat buildup can make driving seriously uncomfortable. 

Dedicated Covers

Investing in high-quality covers made specifically for the make and model of your car will ensure maximum protection and least maintenance expenses over time. You can find plenty of specialized options that are built for reducing UV and other forms of atmospheric damage. 

However, one integral aspect to ensure in this regard is to get breathable car covers so that there is no moisture buildup, something quite likely to lead to a lot of mess.  

Protective Treatments 

Similar to car covers, you can also consider protective sealants or waxes for your car exterior, in order to effectively reduce sun damage. These wax or sealant layers work as potential UV barriers for the entire structure of the car and help with internal temperature optimization too.

Another major plus point of getting a UV protective wax or sealant application is that it retains the paint of the car and keeps all sorts of damages like cracking or fading away. 

Sunshades Usage

Sunshades are another great protective element for cars which go next to windshield as well as side windows and prevent sunlight from entering and damaging the car. Moreover, they stop heat from building up inside the cabin, hence ensuring comfortable driving and riding.

For extra protection, you can also look for specialized sunshade options such as insulated or reflective ones that offer maximum damage resistance. 

Window Tinting

Window tinting is the kind of treatment which not just keeps a number of damages away but also ensures maximum visual clarity and hence driving safety. Not to mention privacy protection being the added benefit. A high-quality and compatible tint film will reduce all the glare for you.

This way, you can go on with your journeys without getting bothered by the intense sunlight. These films also protect car upholstery and other components from fading and cracking. 

6- Internal Safety

Another great idea to retain the internal structural integrity of your vehicle is to make use of dedicated conditioners meant for UV protection. These are available for nearly every surface and component including car seats, trim and dashboard and keep intense UV damage at bay.

Regular usage of these conditioners along with thorough cleaning beforehand is crucial to keep the interior materials of your car from getting discolored and/or eventually cracked. 

7- Proper Ventilation

This idea involves crack opening car windows slightly while parking your vehicle on extremely sunny days. Doing so creates enough air flow and prevents heat buildup in the car, so that it remains comfortable enough to be driven again.

However, do make sure that you don’t open the windows too much or else you’ll end up compromising the security of your vehicle while you are away.

8- Additional Accessories 

These aftermarket accessories include UV blocking window films, ceramic coatings, paint protection films and multiple other agents that keep sun damage away from both the interior and exterior of the car. You can find a number of useful options in this regard. 

However, similar to glass tinting, it’s equally important to have these treatments/additions in accordance with your local laws to stay away from all mental and financial troubles. 

This was our time with a list of ways about How To Protect Your Vehicle From Sun Damage all of which are both practical and long-term favorable. Though it is never completely feasible to save your car from atmospheric impacts, there are always certain aspects which you can take care of, so as to ensure its better longevity and performance.

Moreover, a car that does not (or minimally) get subjected to heat damage is also the most comfortable to drive and deal with. Having all that said, we wish for our informative take to be greatly fruitful for you in the long run.  

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