Tips to Clean And Protect Your Windshield

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Keeping your car’s windshield clean and clear is essential because it is the surface from where a person sees outside while driving and ultimately provides safety. If you struggle to see from your car’s windshield, it is essential to clean it thoroughly for your safety. You can take your vehicle for proper cleaning to an expert, but the cleaning of the car is an easy task you can also do by yourself.

If you need help cleaning your car windshield by yourself, this guide will help you achieve your goal of cleaning and protecting your car.

Why Does Your Windshield Get Dirty

Before cleaning your car’s windscreen, it is essential to know why it gets dirt and scratches; otherwise, you will not be able to clean it properly. When you don’t clean the windshield regularly, it gets dirty by the blowing air, which contains dust particles.

The birds dropping can also be a reason for the bad condition of your car’s windshield. Off-gassing is another reason for dust and dirt accumulation in your vehicle. It is the chemical that becomes trapped in your car after its manufacturing. So, these could be why your car windshield becomes dirty.

Outer Cleaning Tips

Outer Cleaning Tips

It is essential to keep both the interior and exterior of your car’s windscreen clean. Both cleaning tips are somewhat similar, but there are minor differences; below are some tips to clean the body of your vehicle.

Park Your Vehicle In Shade

The first step you should follow is to park your vehicle in a shaded place because the exposure to sunlight will cause the evaporation of the cleaner used, which will dry the surface and leave marks and stains behind it. So, it is essential to park your car in the shade while cleaning.

Select A Good Cleaning Solution

For cleaning the windshield, you should use a good quality cleaner that does not contain harsh chemicals that can damage the surface of the glass. There are specific types of cleaners, specially made for automobile cleaning that you should use. It is not recommended to use cleaners made from ammonia because they can damage the glass, and you will have to replace the car’s windshield. You should be cautious about using these cleaners, which can harm the vinyl, plastic, or rubber-made surface.

Remove Dirt And Dust

It is crucial to remove all the accumulated dust and dirt from the glass before applying any cleaner. You can use a microfiber cloth to remove the dust particles because these towels have the property to clean the surface more effectively.

Apply The Cleaner

After removing the dust and dirt from the screen, you can wet the surface by applying cleaners. Start applying cleaners on the glass and use a towel to rub it slowly on the surface. After a while, stop rubbing the cleaner on the surface.

Use Microfiber Cloth

Now, after applying the cleaner on the windscreen surface, clean the surface with a wet cloth and remove the excessive solution on the glass. Dry the glass surface with the help of a microfibre towel.

Clean The Wipers

Now that the surface is dried, shiny, and glossy; it is essential to check if the wiper blades are clean or not. It is important to keep the wiper blades clean because these can cause scratches and marks on the surface of the windshield. Apply the cleaner on the wiper blade and clean it. If it requires a replacement, do it because the safety of your loved ones is essential.

Inner Cleaning Tips

Car Inner Cleaning Tips

Now that you have cleaned the exterior of your vehicle’s windshield, it is necessary to keep the interior clean because it can reduce your visibility towards the road. Cleaning the interior surface requires some precautions. Here are simple steps you can follow for internal cleaning of the windshield.

Remove Dirt and Debris

Same as the exterior steps, it is recommended to remove the dirt and debris from the interior surface using a microfibre towel and place the car in a shaded area where there is no exposure to sunlight.

Take Cleaning Solution

For interior cleaning, take a good quality cleaning solution, or make it yourself using water, detergent, and vinegar. After making the solution, test it by applying it to the hidden area of the car and then use it on the windshield.

Apply on the Windshield

Don’t directly apply the solution on the interior surface of the windscreen because it can cause damage to the dashboard or chairs of the vehicle. Pour the solution on a cloth and then gently apply it on the car’s windshield, protecting your vehicle from any damage.

Dry the Windshield

After applying the cleaner, follow the same steps of exterior cleaning to dry the surface of the windscreen. This cleaning will only protect you from any safety hazards but will also provide a clear look at the road.

Here, you are done cleaning the interior and exterior of your car’s windshield.

Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips

There are some essential maintenance steps that you should follow to protect your car’s windshield from any damage.

Check Windshield Wipers

It is crucial to check the windshield wipers regularly. The lousy quality of wipers could ultimately cause scratches and marks on the surface. Try to examine the wiper blades and clean them to prevent any damage, as it could be a reason for any accident.

Remove Dust Regularly

Try to remove the dust and dirt present on the windscreen every morning. This preventive measure will make your car dust-free and ensure safety.

Choose a good Car Parking

Park your car in a place where there is no exposure to sunlight and air because there are dust particles in the air, and parking the vehicle in the open air could lead to the accumulation of dust particles on the windscreen.

Use Glass Sealant

You can use a glass sealant to protect your vehicle’s windshield. These sealants provide a protective layer to the glass by applying gel to the cracks. These sealants are beneficial because they keep the windshield in place.

Benefits Of Cleaning Windshields

Benefits Of Cleaning Windshields

Cleaning the windshield’s exterior and interior is essential because it provides several benefits to a person. Here are some benefits of cleaning the windscreen.

Provides Glossy Screen

This thorough cleaning of the surface of the windscreen provides a clean, glossy, and shiny surface. This clean screen increases visibility outside the car and makes travel enjoyable.

Reduces Safety Hazards

A dirty and dusty windscreen could be a safety issue. The life of you and your family becomes at risk due to the reduced vision. So. It is essential to keep the windscreen clean because it ensures safety by providing a glossy surface.

Increase Lifespan

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the windshield increases its lifespan and reduces the chance of replacement of this windscreen with a new one. The thorough cleaning will keep the screen clean, and it will last for a longer time.


If you are thinking of taking your car to a specialist to clean its windscreen, then wait; you can do it by yourself by following this simple and easy guide. Use good quality cleaners and microfibre towels to remove the dust particles. Try to clean the interior and exterior surfaces of the windshield. Park your vehicle in a garage to avoid the accumulation of dust. Use a glass sealant and check the wipers of the windscreen. These preventive measures will ensure your safety by providing a glossy screen. Prioritize the safety of your loved ones and clean the windshield of your vehicle regularly.

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