Top 5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Car Windshield

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A windshield is a vital component of a car’s overall body that provides maximum protection and safety from external elements such as road dust or debris, smoke, and harsh weather conditions. Maintaining the structural and functional aspects of the car is not only necessary for safety and protection but also for a secure and comfortable driving experience. A cracked or damaged windscreen can create hindrances in driving due to impaired visibility.

In this article, Fixit Auto Glass has come up with a list of the top 5 signs that require you to replace automobile windshields. If you find any of these signs, you must approach a professional for quick windscreen treatment.

List of 5 Warning Signs You Need To Replace Car Windshield 

Being automobile experts, we firmly say that ignoring any of these signs may create a troublesome situation for you due to increased risks of injuries and accidents. Keenly observe these conditions one by one to reduce safety risks.

  1. Diminished Visibility
  2. Pitted Auto Glass
  3. Failed Safety Inspection
  4. Worn Wiper Blades
  5. Water Leakage

Diminished Visibility

Diminished Visibility

The car windscreen plays a critical role in maintaining high visibility during driving. While driving, you need a precise and clear view through the glass to navigate road challenges. A cracked or damaged front glass can affect visibility. Also, diminished visibility can be caused by the separation of windshield layers.

If you find any distortion on your car’s glass surface, you must approach any professional service provider for quick replacement. Taking quick action not only prevents you from any accidental condition but also makes your driving smooth and comfortable.

Pitted Auto Glass

Pitted Auto Glass

If you use your vehicle daily for routine work, there might be a chance that flying road debris, gravel, or stones hit your vehicle’s front glass. With time, the vehicle’s glass surface gets blurry and rough due to the multiple pits’ visibility. These pits cause the scattering of light rays coming from outside and create confusion for the driver.

In addition, during rainy weather, these pits also prevent water droplets from wiping quickly and create a distorted glass view. If you find these pits on your car windshield, get professional services as early as possible.

Failed Safety Inspection

Failed Safety Inspection

In Dubai, vehicle safety inspection is usually done by higher authorities. During an inspection, the inspector analyzes the overall condition and safety measures of the car. Failure to meet the safety requirements, a vehicle owner may face multiple accidental or injury risks.

A cracked or damaged glass screen not only distorts visibility but also enhances safety risks for drivers and passengers. Other than that, a failed safety inspection implements fines and other legal penalties. To avoid such inconveniences, you must recover the condition of your car’s front glass timely.

Worn Wiper Blades

Worn Wiper Blades

Wiper blades do a great job in case of weather conditions, they clear the glass surface for smooth driving. If your vehicle wiper blades are disordered, they will not wipe the water, mud, and dust from the windscreen surface. These wiper imperfections can lead to poor visibility, high risks of accidents, and safety.

Due to airtight vehicle interiors, high humidity or moisture levels also lead to hazy or foggy glass surfaces. In this inconvenient situation, you can’t drive a vehicle comfortably. Therefore, you should get professional services for windscreen and worn wiper blade replacement.

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Water Leakage

Water Leakage Car Windshield

Have you found any water leakage issues in your car? This issue of water seeping is directly linked to windshield imperfections. The auto’s front glass is covered by an airtight rubber seal that prevents the entry of microdust and water droplets. This rubber seal can get damaged by extreme sun heat, excessive use, and improper installation. Furthermore, a damaged seal can cause temperature fluctuations, mold growth, water leakage, and electrical issues. To restore the functioning of your car windscreen, you must contact expert technicians who may provide the best possible solutions.

Final Words!

Having a car with a damaged or cracked windshield not only increases the safety risks but also reduces structural integrity. In this article, Fixit Auto Glass has highlighted the 5 most common warning signs that enforce vehicle owners to replace front windscreens timely. If you find any of these signs, you must get professional services for your vehicle to prevent accidents and injuries. Drive Safe!

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